Discover Paverpol Wrappers

The perfect base

Paverpol Wrappers are stretchable cloth pieces with tons of possibilities and uses! They are the ideal product for fleshing out wire frames for statues and sculptures, creating a smooth solid base to see your idea come to life! As well, they can be used to decorate your Paverpol sculpture or decoration, providing unique drape, texture, and more in one versatile piece of cloth! Try using them to make clothing for statuettes such as hats and scarves. 

There are 100 10 cm x 10 cm wrappers in each box. 

Working with Paverscrub

Infinite uses

Cut the Wrappers into 4 equal strips along the direction of the stretch. Use a brush to apply a layer of Paverpol on the wire frame wrapped in tin foil. Wrap the strip as tightly and seamlessly as possible to wrap around the entire frame. Apply a layer of Paverpol. Repeat until the wire frame is covered.  After drying, a layer of Paverplast plaster, a mix of Paverpol and Paverplast powder, can be applied. This will achieve a sturdy and smooth frame for your sculpture! 

Wrappers also make great decorative elements for Paverpol statuettes. They are ideal for creating hats and headscarves, along with other apparel items. Try dipping an entire Wrapper in Paverpol. Gently squeeze out the excess Paverpol and apply it to the piece. Be sure to be careful with the Wrapper when applying, as they can tear. Using this method, you can also decorate other works like paintings, panels, photo frames, boxes, and more!

See Paverpol Wrappers in action