Discover Paversand

A one of a kind texture

Paverpol Paversand is a texture additive medium for sculpting projects. While it isn’t actually sand, when combined with Art Stone and Paverplast it transforms your project. Use it to create incredible 3D effects like deep cracks, fissures, and crevices on canvas, figures, wood, glass, metal, pottery, sturdy cardboard, and more! The more you add, the coarser the structure and the more unique textures you can find!

Paversand comes in 1000 g containers. Available in two colors/finishes: White Paversand results in a stone-hard finish, while Black Paversand results in a coarse finish.

Working with Paversand

Paversand is a unique product that, contrary to what the name suggests, isn’t actually sand!

Create textures like no other

Mix 100 grams of Art Stone with approximately 500 grams of Paverpol. Once combined, add Paversand little by little. This will allow you to control the thickness of the mixure. The more Paversand you add, the coarser the structure. Apply the paste to the workpiece with your fingers or a spatula. As the mixture dries, nice cracks appear when drying. It dries quickly, and once dry it has a rock hard finish.

Trying applying the Paversand mixture to a variety of surfaces. Form a permanent armature base for your statue or piece with aluminum foil, then cover with painter’s tape. This will make a beautiful stone-like piece. The paste also adheres amazingly to wood, glass, earthenware, cardboard, and more! The combinations and the possibilities are endless!

See Paversand in action