Discover Pavercotton

Soft and elegant cotton texture

Pavercotton is 100% cotton fiber, and the perfect way to create hair for your sculpture along with many other beautiful textural effects!

Each package of Pavercotton contains 30 grams of product.

Working with Pavercotton

Bring your statuettes to life

With its beautiful and delicate texture, it is the perfect material to create hair for your Paverpol artwork and statuettes. Dip the Pavercotton in the Paverpol and squeeze out excess product. From there, arrange as desired on your piece. This can be used to easily express a variety of hair types in your sculptural work. It can also be used as a unique and beautiful texture for decor pieces and other projects! 

To make a unique decorative bowl, start by covering a dish with plastic wrap to protect the surface of the original piece. Cover the dish with Pavercotton tufts dipped in Paverpol on top of the plastic wrap, then leave the Pavercotton to dry and harden completely (at least one week). Once the product has completely dried, gently remove the Pavercotton piece from the bowl. The side that was covered by plastic will still need another week to dry to assure the piece is fully cured. Once fully dried, you will have a beautiful and unique cotton decorative dish!

See Pavercotton in action