Discover Art Stone

A stone-like effect like no other

Art Stone is a unique textural additive to use for your Paverpol projects. Not only can you sprinkle the powder onto wet Paverpol to give statues a stone-like appearance, it can be mixed with Paverpol to create a beautiful, delicate self-hardening clay. It combines beautifully with Pavercolor, Paverplast, and Paversand to unlock even more textural possibilities! 

Art Stone is available in pots of 300 and 12500 grams. 

Working with Art Stone

Easy beautiful texture

To achieve the stone effect, start by coating your piece with Paverpol Lead Grey or the color of your choice. With the addition of Pavercolor, you can achieve even more color possibilities. Mix the colored Paverpol with Art Stone until you get a clay that no longer sticks to your hands. Add a fresh layer of Paverpol to your work, then apply the clay to all or part of the still wet Paverpol. You can achieve a variety of surface texture by applying the product, thick or thin, coarse or fine. Whichever fits your piece best! To make sure the Paverpol adheres, make sure the Paverpol coating doesn’t dry out. If it dries before you are done, simply apply another layer with a brush and keep applying your Art Stone mixture. For more texture, sprinkle the powdered Art Stone onto the still wet surface of the clay and rub it in. (If it has gotten too dry, you can apply additional Paverpol to the surface.) For another easy textural effect, you can simply sprinkle Art Stone Powder into the wet layers of Paverpol. This working method can be applied to many surfaces to create beautiful sculptures. Try it on styrofoam shapes, gypsum, ecoshapes, or aluminum foil covered with painter’s tape. 

Try using this same Art Stone clay to make beautiful one of a kind jewelry pieces! Form the clay into pebbles, then puncture holes with a skewer. Once dried, you can string your finished beads on the string or lacing of your choice. 

Please note! This particular stone effect is not suitable for outdoor use. If you wish to achieve a stone-like appearance for an outdoor environment, we recommend making a patina instead of a powder. This patina can be achieved by mixing white Pavercolor with Josefine matte varnish. Apply the mixture to the surface of your sculpture with a brush, then with a paper towel wipe away any excess. Let the piece dry completely, then with a non-fluffy cloth rub the surface of the piece. 

See Art Stone in action