Discover Josefine Varnish

Playful speckled texture

Josefine Varnish is a high quality outdoor varnish that will protect your piece no matter the setting! It protects paint from weather–rain or shine! Keep your pieces looking as beautiful as when you first made them with this beautiful varnish. Josefine Varnish is extremely user-friendly and cleans up in a snap. All it takes is water and a little soft soap. 

Josefine Varnish is available in 3 beautiful finishes, High Gloss, Satin, and Matte, and in 2 sizes, 100 ml and 375 ml. 

Working with Josefine Varnish

Keep your artwork beautiful, rain or shine

Apply Josefine Varnish with a brush to your completely dried Paverpol piece. Dry time is approximately 1-2 hours (at 20°F / 68° F). Wait around 2 hours between coats, once the previous layer is completely dry. 


  • Drying time: 1 to 2 hours at 20°F / 68° F
  • Recoatable after up to 2 hours at 20°F / 68° F
  • Resistant to UV, water, mildew and abrasion

Endless Combinations

Try combining Josefine varnish in combination with Pavercolor to make your own custom outdoor paint colors. This can be used to decorate a piece by adding color accents. Create beautiful patinas on your pieces using this method. We do not recommend mixing Matte varnish with dark colors. Matte varnish will darken the colors it is applied to, which may leave your dark colors difficult to distinguish from one another. 

See Josefine Varnish in action