Discover Stockinette

The best in draping fabric

Stretchy and with an open-weave knit, Paverpol Stockinette is an amazing addition to your next project. It makes beautiful clothes for figures, a beautiful decoration, and can create unique surface designs and textures for your piece. With a delicate drape and unique texture, Stockinette has endless possibilities for your Paverpol artworks and decorations.

Stockinette is made of 100% cotton, package contains a 80 x 100 cm piece of fabric. (Approximately 1 yard)

Working with Stockinette

Create beautiful drapery like no other!

Immerse all or part of your Stockinette piece in Paverpol. Decorate or drape the Stockinette over your piece. Try using it as a surface texture or wrap it around the piece. Use to create beautiful draping effects.

Mix Paverpol and Pavercolor to create beautiful unique color mixes for your Stockinette.

See Stockinette in action!