Discover Pavercolor

Colorful possibilities

Pavercolor is a vivid pigment powder that both mixes beautifully with Paverpol and with over Pavercolors! Combined with Paverpol Transparent, you can mix any custom color you desire. When white textile is soaked in this Paverpol mixture, it will take on the beautiful color and make your statues and decor shine! 

We stock Paverpol in 21 colors: Antique Gold, Black, Blue, Blue Jeans, Brick Red (Stone Red), Bronze, Brown, Copper, Dark Green, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Mother of Pearl, Rust, Sea Blue (Bleu de Mer/Sea Blue), Sienna, Silver, Violet, White, Yellow, Yellow Ochre

Working with Pavercolor

The perfect powder for powerful pigment

Add Pavercolor to a little water and combine before adding to Paverpol. This will prevent clumping and assure the mixture is smooth. From there, you can use your colored Paverpol for your desired process. 

To make a versatile paint, combine Pavercolor and any of our Josefine Varnishes. This paint is easy to use, with great color pay off. Best of all, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use! To enhance the gloss of metal Paverpol colors, try mixing one of our metallic Pavercolors with Josefine Satin varnish. Then, brush the color onto the dry work piece until the desired effect is achieved. 

Please note, we do not recommend mixing the darkest Pavercolors with matte varnish. Matte varnish will darken the colors it is mixed with, which may leave your dark colors difficult to distinguish from one another.

See Pavercolor in action