Discover Paverplast

Plaster of possibilities

Paverplast is a Paverpol additive that can change Paverpol into plaster. This plaster is fully water-tight and weather resistant. Paverplast Plaster can be used to make permanently water resistant outdoor projects such as bird baths, fountains, and ponds. It will also give styrofoam, papier mâché, self-hardening clay, and more a waterproof coating. As well, it mixes with Art Stone, Paversand, Pavercolor, and more flawlessly, creating infinite possibilities for your sculpture or decor. 

Paverplast is available in 100 gram and 400 gram pots. 

Working with Paverplast

Long lasting, waterproof finishes

Mix Paverplast powder with paverpol in a 1:5 mixture (100 grams of Paverplast to 500 grams of Paverpol) to create a thick plaster. It will end up with a thickness similar to peanut butter. Apply to the surface of your art piece with your preferred application method (spatula, palette knife, etc). Apply a layer of 1 to 2 mm. Once it has dried completely, you can add additional layers if you desire to strengthen the structure. If you want a smooth surface, dip your finger in water and wipe gently over the still wet surface. As well, try using Paverplast paste as an outdoor safe adhesive! 

Varnish is unnecessary to protect the surface of Paverplast. If you decide to paint or Pavercolor, we recommend you apply a layer of Josefine varnish to protect the painted surface from UV rays and weather. This will assure your colors stay true and bright.


Paverplast plaster dries in the air. To store, put the plaster mixture into an airtight container. If your Paverplast becomes too tough, add a little Paverpol and mix. Do not use water to dilute. 

See Paverplast in action