Discover Paverpol

One of a kind eco-friendly textile hardener

Paverpol Sculpting Medium is an environmentally-friendly textile hardener, offering you endless possibilities to shape your creativity. Developed by Dutch artists, it is a user friendly replacement for resin. Paverpol dries quickly, but slowly enough to allow for plenty of open working time. It adheres to almost all materials (except plastic) and unlike most hardeners, it doesn’t deteriorate polystyrene foam. Despite this, it easily washes off your hands and tools with warm water. (Please note: do not wash excess product down the drain.) Best of all, it is the first product of its kind to have earned the AP seal, which means it’s suitable for artists of all ages!

Finished projects become hardened with no additional products required. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, though for outdoor use we recommend a coat of outdoor varnish. Varnish is especially recommended if your piece is painted with acrylic paints or will be in a high-humidity area. This will keep your piece beautiful and help you avoid mildew and decay. 

Paverpol comes in 6 colors: Transparent, White, Black, Lead Grey, Bronze, and Peach. It comes in a variety of sizes, giving you great options for any project. It can be purchased in 500 gram, 1000 gram, and 5000/5750 gram pots and buckets. Paverpol Transparent and Bronze is also available in a 250 ml bottle with a dropper. This is especially useful for fine work, such as waterproof bonding of beads for necklaces and earrings. The bottles are also ideal for scrapbooking and gluing doll clothes. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Paverpol in liquid form should not be allowed to freeze! Please keep this in mind when ordering during the winter months. We recommend ordering in advance to have an adequate supply to hold you over for the season, or pay careful attention to the weather on the way from us here in Salt Lake City, Utah to you at the time of your order. Shipping by air can potentially help, but it is not guaranteed. We suggest storing your Paverpol somewhere where it will not freeze once you have the product.

Working with Paverpol

Easy and safe for all ages and skill levels

Paverpol adheres to all natural materials. You can use it with just about anything, such as wool, cotton, wood, leather, paper, silk, self-hardening clay, polystyrene foam, dried flowers, wood, plaster, and pottery. It stabilizes and hardens these objects through and through. 

To use, dip your textile in the Paverpol. Then, drap or wrap this around a sturdy base, framework, or armature and let it dry. Paverpol dries quickly, but for a quicker dry time you can use a hair dryer to speed the process up. After curing, you’ll have a beautiful and long lasting decoration or sculpture! These finished projects are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Try using Paverpol with canvas, a panel, or a decorative object like a vase. The possibilities are endless! 

Paverpol becomes rock hard, with no additives needed to get a long-lasting piece. For outdoor objects, we recommend first letting your project harden completely inside. Once hardened, apply 2 layers of varnish –such as our beautiful Josefine Varnish, to protect your work. Material hardened with Paverpol can be placed in your garden all year round, come rain or shine! Finished projects will last for years to come, winter storms and rainy days won’t dampen their beauty. Natural materials soaked in Paverpol are even fire retardant! While Paverpol can survive on its own outside, the varnish will help preserve your project and provide extra protection from the elements. High humidity can potentially cause your artwork to turn white, or grow mildew. The varnish will prevent these side effects.

Endless combinations!

Paverpol goes great in combination with our other products to add beautiful textures and colors to your work. Try Paverplast, Pavercolor, Paverpol Wrappers, Stockinettes, Relief Decoration, Art Stone, Pavercotton, Josefine varnish, Paversand, and Paverscrub! 

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