Discover Paverscrub

Playful speckled texture

Paverscrub is decorative colored flakes with endless possible uses! Give these colorful flakes a try on your next Paverpol project.

Paverscrub comes in 45 gram pots in various colors, we stock terracotta, granite, and green.

Working with Paverscrub

Chips of color and texture

Add 2 tablespoons of Art Stone and 2 tablespoons of Paverscrub to a bowl and mix well. For extra color, add more Paverscrub to the mixture. Apply a layer of Paverpol Lead Grey to your piece or a polystyrene shape. Spoon the mixture onto the piece while the Paverpol is still wet and firmly press it into the piece. Now, exfoliate the piece. Rub the shape vigorously and you will see color appear. The longer you rub, the more color you will see!

For a piece that has already dried, you can get unique textures with Paverscrub. Dip a brush in Paverpol Transparent and paint or let it drip onto your sculpture or painting. Sprinkle Paverscrub onto the wet areas of your piece and press it down. Make sure to use this method when in it is completely dry, otherwise the Paverscrub will stick to anywhere wet.

Excess Paverscrub and Art Stone mixture can be stored to use in future projects.

See Paverscrub in action